Elizabeth Pomasoncco Villegas

  • Lawyer by National University of San Marcos. Currently still the Master of Laws from the regulated sectors of the Carlos III University of Madrid. It has followed the Specialization Program in Management and Public Finance at the University of the Pacific and has been Fellow of the Training Program in Management Excellence organized by the United Nations Program for Development - UNDP. (2012-2013). He has also taken a specialization course in Transport Infrastructure Regulation Public Use OSITRAN.
  • In the academic field he has conducted research on comparative legislation on public procurement to Linares Consultants, published in the Law magazine and Society of the Catholic University of Peru and has been assistant professor of the course of Procurement of the National University San Marcos.
  • In Mario Linares Linares Consultants and lawyers, from 2013, he is responsible for advising public entities in administrative law and public administration as well as the sponsorship of regular administrative procedures and sanctions.